A lovely customer saying goodbye to her ill-fitting bra (that was NOT purchased at Gazebo). This too could be you!

A lovely customer saying goodbye to her ill-fitting bra (that was NOT purchased at Gazebo). This too could be you!


“I just had the best customer service here. Knowledgeable, friendly staff, amazing selection even for large cup sizes, and high quality bras. I will never buy a bra anywhere else again!” -Erin Lamica

“I will never go anywhere else!” -Stacey Blanco

“Some of my very favorite pairs of underwear are from you all!” -Justine Pattantyus

“Very helpful, friendly ladies who really know and love what they do! Thank you for your help!” -Kris Culton

“For years I have struggled with bras that just didn’t fit correctly. I FINALLY found a place that I could go and get fitted for the correct size. I belong to a “girl’s club” and spread the word. Best shopping experience I’ve ever had for intimates and my friends all agree.” -Corinne Franklin

“I can’t thank you enough for the easy approach and atmosphere…this has been the easiest and most fun fitting ever!” -Christi

“Attentive service with a fun attitude! Only place I buy bras.” -Amy Love

“I have always loved your store and find the knowledgeable staff very helpful without being pushy.” -Alysa Grise

“Coming to your store and being fitted 2 years ago for the first time in my 45 years changed my life… I couldn’t be more serious. I actually left with the new bra on and left my “old” size behind the day I was fitted. No more back aches, shifting bra, pulling bra. Girls where they belonged. Everyone noticed. Women more than men. I walked taller. It was and still is amazing. Life changer. I have told everyone that will listen to go to your store and be fitted. I picked up another one today and will be there soon with a friend, her mom and daughter.” -Sharon Killips Alexander

“I was in there yesterday to overhaul my bras. I hadn’t ever really been measured properly before, and the women there were amazing, aaaaand my boobs look great!” -Amaiyah Mirkin

“Had a great experience! Love this place! Everyone was so friendly and helpful.” -Tiffany Reardon

“I was so surprised when I stepped in this store.  I had hauled my husband with me because I am 7 months pregnant and needed a good couple of bras.  The ladies were hilarious, they made us both feel really comfortable, and they were able to match me up with an amazing fit.  Forget going to Victoria Secret, this place has a great selection of bras that are way more reasonably priced.  The ladies working there are local grad students who are amazing at what they do, went above and beyond to get me into the right bra and did not push me out or rush me, even though it was close to closing time.  Had a great experience, will not shop anywhere else for bras now. I highly recommend this place!” -Andrea Monson

“I just turned 50 in December and finally did what “big girls” should do – GET FITTED FOR THE RIGHT BRA!! Emma and the staff at Gazebo were the best! I could agree more with Sharon Alexander’s review, it is life changing. You walk taller, you feel better and people do notice. My husband couldn’t be happier either! And the minute I got home, I cleared my drawer out of all my old bras (15+ years old and 2 sizes too small) and threw them out! Good riddance and thank you Gazebo!!!” -MaryBeth Reed

“Customer Service, knowledge of the products, and personalized fittings were excellent! My second visit to Gazebo proved to be as good as the first.
Strongly recommend a visit!
Thank You Michaela!” -Minerva Caballero-McCarthy

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