Judith Fine, Founder

Gazebo Founder

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How long have you worked at Gazebo

From 1978 until my “re-wirement” began in March, 2016!

How did you start at Gazebo? 

I started Gazebo as a means to earn income. In 1978,  I started with two other women, in Thorne’s Marketplace, and I hand made one of a kind lingerie using antique laces.  Then, two of us moved to Center Street (current location) and my partner, who bought and sold vintage textiles and sterling silver, left in 1979.  At that point, I started to design my own line of lingerie, wholesale it on the east coast, do custom non-traditional wedding gowns, and do retail!  Eventually, I put all of my resources and energy into just the retail division.

What is your favorite part of your job? 

Helping women feel good about themselves!  I also enjoy seeing the women I work with grow from the experience of working at Gazebo, and hopefully, from working with me.

What is your best memory from working as a Gazeboite?

There are far too many favorite memories to share after 38 years!  I could write a book, and wish that I had written things down many years ago.

Or share a customer interaction that made you feel good.. 

It makes me feel good that people trust the saleswomen at Gazebo.  A lingerie saleswoman  is much like being a bartender.  We hear many personal stories and confessions, and it is our job to listen, respect, and assist in helping our clients feel good.  It makes me happy that we have loyal customers, and that they range from young and old, women and men, straight, gay, transgendered, single, divorced,  those having new relationships, those wishing to spice up an older relationship.   I am especially proud that mothers trust us by bringing their daughters to us for their first bra fitting.  This is an impression that will last a lifetime.  We also assist women with breast prostheses and post mastectomy bras.  The personal rewards of assisting these women to regain dignity and balance in their appearance is priceless and precious.