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img_0014.jpgGazebo has always tried to be an integral member of the thriving Northampton community

I have participated in the, now defunct, DBA—Downtown Business Association, and served as it’s president for several years.  The DBA merged with the Chamber of Commerce 14 years ago, and I served on the Board of the Chamber, and as its president. Currently, I serve as chairperson of the DBC, the Downtown Business Community, which is a standing committee of the Northampton Chamber of Commerce.

In the mid 1980’s, I served on the Parking Commission, for the City of Northampton, and remained on it for almost 10 years.  The Parking Commission was responsible for building the EJ Gare Garage, behind Thorne’s Marketplace.

In the early 1990’s I was on the original committee that created the Taste of Northampton, and continued to work on the committee, and during the event for many years.

I felt is was important for there to be business people serving on the City Council, and was elected to that post for two consecutive two years terms—1994-’96, and ’96-’98.

I have encouraged my ladies, aka Gazeboites, to be active and to volunteer for causes that are important to them.  We continually offer holiday gifts to shelters, we were active with the Honor Court, we volunteered at Dakin Animal Shelter, and have volunteered in many other non-profit capacities.  We are constantly asked, and positively respond, to giving items or gift cards to worthy causes. 

The Breast Form Fund, which is now a non profit, 501c(3), was originally founded at Gazebo, in response to  the financial needs of uninsured and under insured women after they have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy, due to breast cancer.  We are very proud of the work that the Breast Form Fund is now doing, and I serve as the current Chair of the Board.

Other Boards that I have participated in are: Cutchins Programs for Children and Families, The International Language InstituteThe Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, and I served on the advisory committee of The Breast Cancer Resource Guide of MA.  I am also a corporator at Florence Savings Bank.  I am currently the Chair of The Breast Form Fund.

I was taught to give back to my community in any way that I could, and to try to make a difference.  Gazebo has given me so much, it is my pleasure to give back! 

Judith Fine, Owner of Gazebo