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bra_care4All things bra related are not created equal. Neither is every woman. That is why it is ridiculous to think that by using a standardized tape measure you will find the right size bra for your shape. . There is no standard in the industry, so different manufacturers use different formulas for producing both band and cup sizes.  Sometimes, there is even a discrepancy between two of the exact same bra!  So, at Gazebo, we fit by using our eyes and 30 years of experience.

Gazebo’s Approach:

1. We start with an underwire bra.  Sometimes we try the size that you think you are and sometimes, you are so far off, that we use our own judgment for your initial “try on” bra..  It is easier to fit with an underwire because soft-cup bras allow for too much fluctuation. It is ideal to put your arms in first and then reach behind yourself and snap. Some women find this impossible and prefer to snap in the front and twist the bra around to their back. This is okay, but not ideal,  since the twisting will cause unnecessary stress to the fabric and may cause a loss in elasticity, especially in the straps. Snap the bra where it feels comfortable.  The ideal is in the middle, giving you room to make it looser or tighter as circumstances may dictate.

2. From the top, take your left hand and reach into the right cup to the bottom and position yourself in the bra. Then, do the same with your right hand to the left cup. Sometimes, bending forward makes this easier, as the breast tissue can shimmy itself into position. Next, we look at the back, and if we can comfortably put our hands under the back band.  If the band is too loose, we get a smaller band size, if it is too tight, we get a larger one.  Now we have determined your band size for most bras.

3. Next, we look at the cleavage area to determine if you are spilling out of the cups.  Sometimes, one breast is larger than the other.  You must fit to the larger breast, not the smaller one. (we will take the cup in for the smaller side so that there are no wrinkles in the fabric).  If there is spill, we assume you will need a larger cup size.  We also look at the under wire near the underarm.  It should end where the swell of your breasts end, and not dig in to healthy breast tissue.   We also want you to be filling the entire cup on the bottom, near the under wire.   Equally important, we do not want you coming out of the bra on the bottom, especially when you raise your arms. 

4. Then, after cup and band size has been fit, we adjust the straps.  The straps are very important, and often are able to give a perkier silhouette when they are snug, but not tight.  If you have sloped shoulders, and your straps are constantly slipping off, we will make an adjustment that allows the straps to be positioned closer to your center back. 

5. Once we have done all the checks in steps 2-4, we ask you to sit down.. How does it feel? You should not be able to feel the bra if it fits properly. Often, if you are short and busty, the under wire will dig into your ribs when you sit.  If your job requires hours of sitting, this is not ideal, and we will fit you with a supportive soft cup bra, or try different under wires.