How to care for your bra PDF Print E-mail


The ideal way to care for your bra is to hand wash it and hang it to dry. But, not everyone has the time or desire to care so delicately for their bras!

If you are going to put it in your washing machine, on delicate cycle only, we recommend making sure that the hooks and eyes are snapped closed. 

Place your bra in a lingerie bag. This protects it from getting twisted up with your other delicates.

It also keeps the under wires from being distorted or bent out of shape.

We discourage you from putting it in a dryer, because heat and settings vary and tend to cause additional wear and tear to your bra. 

If you do use the dryer, use a low temperature setting.  Many  bras will dry rather quickly from hanging only. 

As far as what to wash your bra with,  you can  use any gentle wash. 

We say that anything that you can safely use to wash your body you can use on your bras.

We even have known women to take a bra in to the shower and wash it with their shampoo!

Ultimately the decision of how to  care for your bras is up to you, but, the better care you take of your bra the longer your bra will take care of you!