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_MG_5969In 1978 Judith Fine was approached to share a three month lease with two other women as partners in Thornes Marketplace in downtown Northampton, MA. They sold antiques while Judith’s specialty was in custom sewing, and working with vintage laces. She began creating one of a kind lingerie. This initial venture was very successful, so much so, that this temporary endeavourer soon resulted in a one year lease with one of the women.

After about two and half years in Thornes, Judith and her partner decided to move into a large, independent retail space. Center Street offered everything needed in a store. After moving to the new location, Judith realized that she needed to rethink her product offerings. Antique laces are very precious and not an everyday item. So, in addition to the custom sewing, one of a kind lingerie, and a wholesale lingerie line, she began carrying retail items from other manufacturers as well. Shortly after the move, her partner moved on, and Judith maintained the 1200 square feet of retail space for lingerie, sleepwear, day wear, playwear, underwear and bras. She also designed one of a kind non-traditional wedding gowns.

Now 30 years in business, Gazebo has undergone many changes. However, the original philosophy of helping women feel good about themselves has remained the major focus of everything that Gazebo does. This mantra has lead to the creation of other successful venues: All staff undergoes an extensive training in the art of properly fitting and customizing a bra for any woman and all full time staff are certified mastectomy fitters. Judith is the founder of The Breast Form Fund and Show us Your Bra which has raised thousands of dollars to help uninsured and under insured women receive breast prostheses and post mastectomy bras after their surgery due to breast cancer. The BFF dissolved in 2013 and we are thrilled that our services are now offered thru The Cancer Resource Foundation's All4One Breast Form Fund..

Gazebo plans to keep going strong for many more years. Our plans for 2008 and beyond are to greatly expand our bra selection so that we can help more woman feel great in every stage of their lives! Hopefully our updated website will aide in our goal to help women feel good about their intimate side!