Finding the RIGHT Bra

We know that everybody- and every BODY– is different. That is why we think it’s ridiculous to assume that using a standardized tape measurement can tell you what size bra will work for your body. Sure, a measurement can act as a great starting off point, but it’s impossible to IMG_8412reduce all of the subtle differences between human bodies to a simple mathematical equation.

Since there is no true “size” standard in the bra industry, different manufacturers use different formulas to produce band and cup sizes. Sometimes, there is even a discrepancy between two of the exact same bra! At Gazebo, we fit using our eyes and 36 years of experience.

Our Approach


We usually start with an underwire bra. Sometimes we try the size that you think you are, and other times we use our own judgement for your initial “fitting” bra. It is easier to determine a true fit with an underwire bra, because soft-cup bras allow for too much fluctuation in size.



When you put on your bra, it is ideal to put your arms in first and reach around to hook the back. Many people find this kind of maneuvering to be a challenge, so instead they will hook the bra in front and then twist it around. This is okay, but can cause unnecessary stretch to the elasticity of the straps, so it is not our recommended method. We want you to hook the bra on the third, or loosest, hook. The bra should fit comfortably on this setting, so that once the fabric begins to stretch, you still have room to tighten the band.


To get your cups in the right spot, take your left hand and reach from the top of the right cup to the bottom of the breast and position yourself so that the underwire is at the bottom of your breast tissue. Do the same with your right hand and left cup. We will then be able to look at the fit of the cup to determine whether this is the right cup size for your body. More often than not, one breast is larger than the other, and we want to fit to the fuller breast. We can always take the other cup in to customize your perfect fit!


Next we look at the underwire. The wire should end exactly where the side swell of your breast ends. We never want a wire to dig into your breast tissue! It’s important that when you move your body around, your breast tissue remains fully encased by the cup (not spilling out the top, sides, or bottom).


Once we have completed steps 1-4, we ask you to sit down, stand up, and move around. How does it feel? How does it look when you try it on under your blouse? If the bra fits properly, it should be causing no discomfort. We often find that people with short torsos and large breasts have issues with the underwires digging into the rib cage while seated. If this is the case, we will likely fit you for a supportive wireless bra, or try a different shaped underwire bra.

We like to take time in each fitting to teach you how to fit your own bra! Of course we want you to continue to bring your business to Gazebo, but it’s important for everyone to know what a properly fitting bra looks and feels like.