Customizing Your Fit


What You Need to Know

  • alterations on new, full-priced bras are FREE
  • alterations on discounted bras have a small charge
  • small charge for alterations on bras that are between 6 and 12 months old
  • we will not alter a bra that is older than 1 year

At Gazebo, we recognize that all breasts are not created equal! We appreciate the minute details that make every body unique, and understand that not every body fits in to every bra. With that in mind, we customize the fit of the bra to the individual.

Do your shoulders slope? Is one breast smaller than the other? Is your band size smaller than standard sizing allows? We can make it work!

Gazebo offers our customers the opportunity to have all full priced bras customized FREE of charge during the first six months of purchase. There is small fee for bras after the first six months. After twelve months, we are unable to do any alterations. It’s probably time to replace your bra!

We ask that all garments be laundered prior to dropping them off for alterations. Alterations are done once a week on Thursdays. Under special circumstances, it is possible to alter a bra while you wait.